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Coming Up Next: "FAREWELL MY LOVE"

Release (planned): Middle of February 2019












Beautiful, Sad

about 3 min


Middle of February '19



Christmas, Upbeat Ukulele

Happy, Christmassy

3 - 4 min


End of February 2019




Calm, Christmassy

About 3 min



* = estimated      |   Numbers represents the chronological order of release. 

Procedure of writing a song

Gathering Ideas -> Preparing -> Recording -> Arranging -> Mixing -> Mastering -> Upload

Gathering Ideas

This is the phase where i need to get inspired. I often listen to other tracks, to see what i could do with this particular style of music. At the end, i have a rough idea of what i want to do, and how i want the song to sound like. 


The next step is to preapre for the recording session. This includes, changing strings on my guitars, setting up sounds on synths, choosing between different microphones, amps and organizing my DAW for a fresh and clean new recording session. I also think of other instruments which could be a part of the song despite i'm not actually thinking about what notes they will play later. By hearing these different sounds, i often get super inspired and a song structure starts to take shape.

Recording / Arranging

At this time, i have an idea going on in my head which i need to transfer to my software. This phase is most time consuming but also the best part of making music. While recording, i often come up with brand new ideas by messing around with my instruments and sounds.


Mixing means, making all instruments sound great together. This is where it gets really technical. It's actually a very important step in making music and every song needs different treatments. So it can be really complex. Mixing is about adjusting the levels of each instruments, panning, Compression, Equalization, adding effects to sounds etc...
This really comes down to practicing and it is not something you can learn over night.


Now this is where the song get's sweetend. Mastering is about adding treatments to the song as a whole. This phase is about bringing up the volume, to make the track louder, adding dynamic processors, equalization and so on... The key here is not to overdo it, because we are affecting the complete song with all these effects here. I really need to know what i am doing here, because once i turn a knob too far, the whole song can be ruined. All of my songs getting rendered in high quality .WAV format 44.000khZ Stereo / 24bit | If you download the song without a license, you'll get the 320kbps .MP3 file. MP3 files are smaller in size and it makes it easier to share the file.


Once i finished my song, it will be uploaded to my Youtube and Soundcloud. I add my description text and i come up with tags so people can find it easier on the internet. I also making variations and loopable parts which you can get by purchasing a license to the song on 

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