Nicolai Heidlas Music

Professional Background Music For Your Projects!

1. "A Day In Cincinatti"  -  Soul RnB Music

Get the sound of Cincinnati! It is funky, gritty, punchy and to the point with a precise, almost mechanical, yet extremely funky playing style featuring trumpets and funk guitars . The sound? Dirty. The drums have a very organic feel which loosens the whole situation a bit.This is a great song for vlogs, tours, any kind of outdoor videos, intro’s and outro’s and much more!

 Get the song here! - (The "Hooksounds" Watermark disapears in the downloaded version)

2. "Chirstmas Vibes" - Happy Ukulele Background Track

This song is a collaboration between Nicolai Heidlas and Alvaro Angeloro.

Christmas Vibes it’s an upbeat, inspiring and funny Christmas track featuring a ukulele, acoustic and electric guitars, drums, bell sounds and all the energy and spirit of the Christmas Season.This premium track includes several variations and versions to enable you choose the right fit for you.

 Get the song here! - (The "Hooksounds" Watermark disapears in the downloaded version)