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30.12.2017, 12:14

Christmas time is over!

Now it's time for the new year! I've planned some cool projects in the future! Hopefully i can finish them up for you in time! They will be all for free! I hope you all had a great christmas time! :)   mehr

20.11.2017, 20:19

New song scheduled!

I've started to record a christmassy and calm acoustic guitar track which will be coming out on end of november '17!    mehr

29.10.2017, 14:19

New Collaboration!

I am currently working on a orchestral christmas track which will comes out in a few weeks! This song will be a collaboration between me and Alvaro Angeloro! The song will be for free. Licensing will be...   mehr

30.09.2017, 11:36

New Funky Background Track

Today i released my new song called "Tonight". It is a funky, energetic and disco-like background track which is totally free! Check it out on my Youtube/Soundcloud!   mehr

26.09.2017, 10:20

New Song is out!

My new song called "New Places" is finally ready to download! Check out the song on Youtube or Hooksounds and get your licensed version of the song!    mehr

21.09.2017, 11:58

End Of Summer Break

I'm back to make more music! We have so much more projects coming up!   mehr

04.08.2017, 09:00

Summer Break

We're doing a summer break until the 20th of September! Have a nice summer, everyone!    mehr

30.06.2017, 22:13


The next song i am going to upload is a high quality happy ukulele background track. I've teamed up with the CEO of (very talented guy!). The new song will be released in approximately 1-2 weeks...   mehr

26.06.2017, 11:20

New Ukulele

Thanks to all of my patreons, i was able to get myself a new ukulele! It's a KALA -KA SMHS all solid mahagony ukulele. Thank you!    mehr

15.06.2017, 15:00

Launch of the new website

We got a new website and some new e-mail adresses.    mehr

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