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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

    1. How do i use your music for my project?

    All of my tracks on Youtube and Soundcloud are licensed under the creative commons 4.0 'BY' license.

    To use my music in your project you just have to give me the credits for it in your corresponding project description.
    This means that you'll have to put my name and the songtitle in there, so everyone can see it. 

    Add this into your project/video description:

    Artist: Nicolai Heidlas
    Songtitle: [Replace with songtitle)

    2. Is your music free to use?

My music is completely for free - as long as you give me the credits for the song in your description/video etc... - like shown above!

2.1. When do i need to buy a license to your songs?

Only in the case you can't give me the credits due to a lack of time or space in your project, you have to purchase a license on -> See for more informations. 

    Once you know which license is best for your needs, open up the  song (on Hooksounds) which you like to purchase a license for. See: for a list of all my songs on Hooksounds. Then select the license you want to purchase, then click "download". You'll receive a receipt and a authorization code for the song you've just purchased. You would also support me with buying a license! - Thank you! :)

3. How can i download your songs?

Downloading my songs is fairly easy!

    1. You just have to open up the song on my Youtube or Soundcloud. 
    2. Then open up the description
    3. Click the download link in the description. (You're basically downloading my songs from my dropbox account)

    Here are links to my Youtube and Soundcloud page!


4. Can i use your songs on monetized videos? Or for any other commercial purpose?

Good news! - YES! 

My songs can be used on either commercial and non-commercial projects. So you can make money with your video(s) while using my music for free (credits must be given).


5. Are there any restriction by using your music?

No restrictions - You can use my music in all of your projects, as often as you want, with an unlimited audience size. But you have to give me the credits for the songs everytime you are using them.

6. Can i do a remix of your song(s) for free?

Yes, this is also possible. 

Please visit:

For more informations on what you can do with my songs! 

If you have some further questions, please let me know!
Fill out the form at the "Contact" page ...

...or send me an e-mail to: for further informations!

 We would be happy to hear from you! :-)

Thank you!