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Nicolai Heidlas

                        About me

Hello! My name is Nicolai Heidlas (24 years old) and i'm from Wetzlar, Germany. I'm a self taught musician, songwriter and music producer. I started making music back in 2011 with my first guitar i got for christmas.
Since then i am the creator of free background music on Youtube and Soundcloud. My music can be used on all kinds of projects - and the best thing is: It's completely free!

I did a few collaborations with friends but the majority of my songs were composed and recorded all by myself.

I play acoustic and electric guitar, bass, ukulele, banjo, accordion and keyboard. 

I started out with learning a few chords on the guitar. Then i did a lot of song covers to get used to making music. An then eventually i created my first embarrising little song! Which still exists on my hard drive...

Making music and producing my tracks has become my full time job since March 2018!

The studio

This is my little homestudio. Originally this was some kind of "storage room". So we really needed  to redo this place until it is usable as a music producing enviroment.  Creating enough space for me to record was a whole lot of work but i am really happy with the result. Now it's very comfortable! Take a look!

These pictures show my room right  after the renovation back in February 2014. So as you can see, a lot of things have changed! 


Live Instruments



Classical Guitar



This is my first guitar i got - a chirstmas present. I learned my first chords on this one! It's a simple beginner Guitar. This is a pure acoustic one - no electronics inside etc... - It's cheap, but it sounds so great! I still use it - and i am very happy with the warm sound! I use it a lot for jazz music and for songs which featuring a more "laid-back" kind of vibe. Even cheap guitars can sound super great! This is the best example!


Western Guitar

(Yamaha FGX 720 SCA BSB)

This is by far the guitar i use the most. Equipped with steel strings, this one gives me a nice clear and crispy acoustic guitar sound. It has a built-in Tuner and a piezo pickup system. So obviously this is a semi acoustic/electric guitar. I use it almost on every track! It always comes in very great! I really love the finish (BSB stands for Brown Sun burst) and the design of the scratchplate. Now this was a birthday present. I think it was my 18th birthday.

Concert Sized Ukulele


You probably know that "Nicolai Heidlas Music" stands for happy ukulele tracks. And this is where these sweet sounds are coming from! This ukulele is a standard beginner ukulele which is equipped with a built-in pickup system. I bought a little tuner to it which is clipped on the head of the uke. These ukuleles sound a little bit darker and warmer in comparison to the soprano size. But i think it's a good mix between warmth and ... "sweetness"  i think! It's definitely also a great choice for people who would like to start out with playing ukulele. It's definitely a high quality product with a lower price point.

Electric Guitar 1

(Ibanez GRG-170DX BK) 

This is my first electric guitar. The great thing about it is that it is very versatile. I can use it on almost every genre. 
This is another beginner guitar with a low price point. A friend of mine recommended this guitar to me. 
It has a 5 toggle switch which lets you choose bewteen the two humbuckers on the neck and bridge position, the single coil in the middle and also mixes bewteen all these pickups. It has one volume and one tone knob. It's a great guitar despite the pickups and some screws got a little bit rusty... 


Electric Guitar 2
(Fender Stratocaster Mexican Standard - Arctic White)



Now this one is a classic! And it is one of my newer guitars. It has a destinctive crunchy and brilliant sound to it. This is the guitar everyone has in mind when somebody says "electric guitar".  This guitar is in the middle price range. I bought the version with the maple neck - which gives the guitar a more brilliant sound. This guitar is great for genres like Pop/Rock, Funk, Reggae etc... As you can see, it is also very versatile. It is equipped with 3 single coils, two tone knobs, a volume knob and a 5 way toggle switch. I really think that the mexican standard version sounds even better than the much more expensive american standard version. Definitely the right deal for me! :-)

 Bass Guitar

 (Höfner Ignition Beatles Bass)


 t's not the original that the beatles used for their productions -

it's a replicate. But a very good one i think!
It's sound is very warm - which creates a great contrast to my Fender Electric Guitar and my Ukulele. It's a special Bass. Not only because of it's sound but also because of it's shape. This is called a "violin" bass because the shape of the body is similiar to the shape of a violin - (make sense, right? :-) It has a great low end. It can be very boomy if the tone controls are'nt set correctly though... Still love it! Great bass for a reasonable price!

(Harley Benton)

This is a 5-string beginner banjo. Now this thing is rarely used in my songs. I am not a banjo player either. I use it more for some "accents". Maybe i should learn to play it... Anyway, great sound and it holds it's tuning very well. 

Lap Steel Guitar

(Harley Benton Slider II)

In addition to my ukulele i have a lap steel guitar. You probably heard the sound of it in some hawaiian songs already. You can hear it in my song "Hawaiian Winter" or "Blue Sky Over Hawaii" for example. Probably i should use it more often...


(Hohner Concerto III)

Germany = Beer and the sound of an accordion playing in the background. I borrowed this instrument from my uncle because he was'nt using it that much. I love the sound of it. It is a 72 Bass accordion made in germany. I am not playing this on an professional level - i only use it for simple accordion parts such as little melodies or backing chords.
You can see me playing this thing in my youtube video on "Warm Lights" for example!

3. Percussion


(Meinl SH4BK Live Shaker)

You can get great sounds out of these things! They really bring excitement to my music. They are also much more versatile than egg shakers! I can get really creative and experimental with different playing styles.


(Millenium HT-.200)

This is a very loud and high pitched percussion instrument. Many times i am using these in addition with my shakers to add a little bit more drive and excitement to my songs. These can also be used to give electronic songs a more organic feel.

My Digital Audio Workstation (DAW)

I created my first songs with a program called "FL Studio" - but it was kind of a cheap intro version, so i was'nt able to record with it. So eventually i searched for a new DAW wich suits my needs.

For arranging, recording and producing i am using a software called "REASON" by Propellerhead. This is a really great and unique DAW which can be used for all kinds of musical styles. It comes with a lot of different and interesting sounds and effects. It's always fun to play around with all these possibilities - which often leads to interesting, new ideas. 

Since i got into working with DAW's i learned a lot about sound design, mixing and mastering, recording and arranging my songs from start to finish.

Other gear

Studio Monitors:   2x YAMAHA HS7  on top of ISO Acoustics L8R200 isolators


Interface:   FOCUSRITE Scarlett 2i2, BSS Audio Ar-133 Active D.I. Box

Microphones:  AKG C1000S | RHODE NT5 |  MXL990 |  RODE NT2-A

Synths: KRAFT, Antidote, Malström, Thor,  ReDominant, Subtractor, SubBoomBass, Orange, PX7, KORG Mono Poly, VK-1 Viking, Revival, Meteora, Quad

Keyboard Controller: M-AUDIO KEYSTATION 49es


Other DAWS: Fl Studio Fruity Edition, Ableton Live Intro, Studio One 3 Professional