Nicolai Heidlas Music

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How to use my music in your project

All of my songs, which are available on my Youtube Channel are licensed under the Creative Commons 4.0 'BY' license. This means, that you can use my music completely for free under one condition. Here is the link to the current license: have to put MY NAME (Nicolai Heidlas) AND THE SONGTITLE in the description of your project (Youtube description, Credit section of a game), or in the video itself as a text showing up these informations. 

Here is an Example:

Everything is fine once you've done that. 

In the case you can't credit me...

If you can't give me the credits (for whatever reason), you have to purchase a license to the song you want to use. You can purchase a license on You can find my tracks on there. See for a list of all of my songs which are available for licensing on Hooksounds.

To purchase a license click "details" on the song you want to use. Like in this picture:

You will be redirected to the song's page on Hooksounds. Scroll down to choose your desired license   -    then click "download".

The payment can be executed via paypal or credit card.

Dont know which license you need? Look up the licensing page on Hooksounds!

Find out what license you need ->

Content ID strike on Youtube

Don't worry if you get a CONTENT ID strike for using my music when you credited me correctly. This issue is fortunately very rare.

However, if you get a Content ID strike on your video(s),  it is very likely an internal system error. Please send me an E-mail in this case to: 

...Any further questions? I will be happy to be answer all of your questions: